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A Biography of Octave Levenspiel

compiled and written by his daughter, Bekki Levien

Octave's BiographyOver the years, my brothers and I, scores of friends and even strangers, have heard stories told by my father of his childhood. He is a great story teller and has had a very unique life. The stories were fairly consistent, with the occasional embellishment, so I decided to get them in print before they were forgotten.
None of this would have been possible without my mother’s insatiable interest in genealogy. She kept all his pictures, letters, and audio tapes, researched his family tree and helped jog memories long forgotten.
The more questions I asked and the more tapes I listened to, the more dad’s stories started to fall into place. This biography, I’m sure, will go through various versions and drafts before we are satisfied that the facts are true and the stories are retold as best as can be.
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