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Rambling Through Science and Technology, fourth edition

A Few Words of Explanation
As a long-time retiree I have a bookcase and a few file cabinets crammed with my notes and thoughts. I never was a throwawayer. And since I’ve given up running marathons I thought it a good idea to try to make some sort of order of those jumbles of notes.
Rambling 4thI did this a few years ago and ended up with a three-ring binder of thermo notes which were turned into a book entitled “Understanding Engineering Thermo”. And recently I came up with another three-ring binder of general notes. My daughter, Bekki Levien, said “Let me try to make a book of this”. I took her up on this and drive her crazy by editing it every few months...
This is the result - random notes on a variety of topics, from the beginnings of science to astronomers’ ideas today of the universe. In this adventure we touch on the history of science, the heros of science, the fantastic invention of the heat engine, how to tell which is the most efficient of mechanical devices, the recent creation or invention of the theory of statistics and also the theory of games (so important in resolving conflicts), plus various other topics including Einstein and Carnot and that mysterious non-thing called entropy.
This book has gone through many changes, but recently I published the fourth edition, in which I reordered my chapter on probability. I'd love to get feedback from any readers, so don't hesitate to contact me. Enjoy.
What's inside this book?
1 The Birth of Science
2 Truth and Knowledge
3 Reason, Logic and Deduction
4 Mathematics
5 Inductive Reasoning
6 Probability
7 Statistics
8 Decision Theory
9 Theory of Games
10 Galileo and Newton, Kinematics and Dynamics
11 The Story of Science
12 The First Law and the Concept of Energy
13 The Amazing Second Law
14 Fields - Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic
15 Measures of This and That
16 Cosmology and the Universe
17 Thoughts About the Universe
18 The Last Word