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What's he working on now?

Tracer TechnologyIn 2011, Octave published Tracer Technology, Modeling the Flow of Fluids. This book is part of a series, "Fluid mechanics and Its Applications" published by Springer Publications.

Engineering Flow and Heat ExchangeOnce he finished the 'Tracer' project, he started rewriting his book Engineering Flow and Heat Exchange. He added more problems and new content and change to the SI system throughout the book. Springer Pub., again, are publishing this new edition. It should be ready for the public early 2015.

Understanding Engineering ThermoNow that EFHE is at the publishers in the final stage of edits, Octave has cast his eye on his book Understanding Engineering Thermo. The book is different enough that it needs a new name - perhaps "Energy and Thermo"? This new edition/version is all cleaned up and ready for publication, just waiting for a publisher to take it on.

Chemical Reaction EngineeringOctave has been approached by Wiley Publishers to co-author his Chemical Reaction Engineering book with someone who could adapt the book to computers. Keith Levien, his son-in-law, has taken on this challenge and is working with Wiley on this new edition.


OmnibookIn 2012-2013, Octave's daughter, Bekki, has created a new version of The Chemical Reactor Omnibook, and has it available print-on-demand at Lulu.com. The original hand-written book was scanned, corrected by Octave, formatted and made available on Lulu.com. During the summer of 2013, it is available at a 15% discount. Buy Now


Ramblings 4th

Besides these projects, Octave is continually revising his fun book - Ramblings Through Science and Technology. The fourth edition is now available. Buy Now