Octave and Mary Jo Levenspiel


Some of my earliest memories are of Lewisburg and Levenspiels, in Faculty
Court and at a place where we cooked pancakes outside at a park maybe….
Then of course the time you all came to visit in NY in your VW camper
and stayed in our basement and we went to the beach in the camper.
Tavi’s Dad played Waltzing Matilda on the washboard and Barney peed
in an OJ can in the camper which brother Steve thought was so cool.
As I recall we stayed in your attic in IL when my Aunt Jayne
got married and I had strep throat. Funny the memories that stick with you.
Perhaps my favorite of Tavi is when my parents were getting separated,
my Dad had left & on a visit to NY Tavi was so kind to us kids and pulled quarters
out of our ears. He was a kind and funny man who we all loved.
I am sure you will miss him and think often of the times he made you laugh.